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50 Peter Avenue, Leamington ON N8H 5N8


Client Reviews

Self-Storage Units in Leamington    

Located on Allison Line, just north of Point Pelee National Park, you can find Access Storage’s Leamington facility is perfect for students going away to college or university, golfers, cottagers and local residents alike. It is equipped with everything you need to make your self-storage experience easy and pain free. 

Storage for Leamington Residents    

Leamington storage units offer a full range of services perfect for residential storage, students, cottagers, short term visitors, or individuals moving long distance.          

We also offer low cost storage solutions for businesses in Leamington and Southern Ontario. 

Affordable Residential Storage in Leamington     

Located just off of Highway 3, access to Leamington storage is easy.  It’s the perfect place for someone in Klondyke, Kingsville, Wheatley, Essex or Staples to find heated storage units.  

Benefits of our Leamington Storage Units       

We are bringing the same great customer experience in our Leamington storage units.      

  1. Safe, secure, and climate-controlled facility      
  2. Friendly, personal customer service.       
  3. Properly maintained facilities and great   
  4. everyday service.       
  5. Safety, satisfaction, and smooth operations      
  6. Seamless check-in and check-out protocols      
  7. 24/7 security                  
  8. Small (5x5 feet and 5x10)      
  9. Medium (10x10 and 10x15)      
  10. Large (10x20+)      

Storage solutions for all your needs             

Access Storage in Leamington offers every storage unit you may need.       

We offer Leamington storage units in:      

  1. Small (5x5 feet and 5x10)      
  2. Medium (10x10 and 10x15)      
  3. Large (10x20+)       

Whether you are looking to store golf or garden equipment off-season or to temporarily hold the contents of a home or apartment during a move or renovation, our Leamington storage facility features heated storage units  

Affordable Storage units near Highway 3      

We make sure checking in and checking out your items is a hassle-free experience.         

With local staff ready to assist you and professionally maintained Leamington self-storage units waiting for your items, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your items are safely secured with Access Storage Leamington.             

Storage Units in Leamington        

Access Storage Leamington is proud to serve the following neighbourhoods:     

1. Klondyke

2. Kingsville

3. Wheatley

4. Essex

5. Staples

Access Storage Leamington offers you the best in self-storage solutions. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

  • 24 Hour Security
  • Gated Property
  • Drive Up Units
  • Interior Units
  • Elevator
  • Outdoor Parking
  • Oversized Parking
  • Clean and well-lit
  • Professionally maintained
  • Great everyday service
  • Easy check in and check out
  • Locally staffed

* Local line: 226-780-3045