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601 Park Rd N, Brantford ON N3T 5L8


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601 Park Rd N, Brantford ON N3T 5L8


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Client Reviews

Our self-storage facility in the Cedarland area of Brantford, Ontario is a facility that will satisfy all your self-storage needs. The Brantford-Cedarland Access Storage location on Park Road North, between Jaycee Sports Park and Cedarland Park is a premium storage facility with expert staff to keep your self-storage needs covered.  

You may be in the middle of renovating, traveling, moving, decluttering your office space, a business needing to store equipment, or a sports coach looking to store gear – regardless of your needs, the Access Storage location in Brantford-Cedarland has all the types and sizes of self-storage units to fit any requirement. 

Situated in the north-east end of Brantford, we are more than keen to look after your personal or business items. Brantford, a city rich of history, culture, and achievements (Joseph Brant, Alexander Graham Bell, Wayne Gretzky, etc.), is a place Brantford is a city rich with history and heritage, including its ties to the most populous First Nations reserve in the country, the Six Nations of Grand Rapids. With history and culture like this, Access Storage could not be more pleased to be servicing such a city’s storage needs.  

Our Brantford-Cedarland location is full of all the self-storage features you could need: 

  1. 24 Hour Security 
  2. Gated Property 
  3. Drive Up Units 
  4. Interior Units 
  5. Elevator 
  6. Outdoor Parking 
  7. Oversized Parking 
  8. Clean and well-lit 
  9. Professionally maintained 
  10. Great everyday service 
  11. Easy check in and check out 
  12. Locally staffed 

Your self-storage needs are easily satisfied at our Brantford-Cedarland location. Our store offers everything related to moving and storage: boxes of all sizes, tape, straps, dollies, paper, bubble wrap, etc. – if it’s something that will help with your self-storage needs, then we will have it onsite. The security system here is state of the art and leaves your personal items completely safe in our hands. 

Our Access Storage location in Brantford-Cedarland is excited to service the incredible city of Brantford, and beyond. At Access Storage, we keep your personal items as safe as we keep our own. Access Storage is a leader in the Canadian self-storage industry for a reason, and we can’t wait to show you why. 

Talk with us today and see why Access Storage in Brantford-Cedarland has everything you need to store your items for the long or short-term. 

  • 24 Hour Security
  • Gated Property
  • Drive Up Units
  • Interior Units
  • Elevator
  • Outdoor Parking
  • Oversized Parking
  • Clean and well-lit
  • Professionally maintained
  • Great everyday service
  • Easy check in and check out
  • Locally staffed

* Local line: (226) 641-6800