Ma succursale : Brantford 09:00h à 17:00h
Centre de solutions : De 8 h à 22 h, HE

Access Storage - Leaside

205, av. Wicksteed, Toronto ON M4G 0B1



Appelez pour louer 647-503-5028

Heures d’ouverture de la succursale

Lundi 09:00h à 18:00h
Mardi 09:00h à 18:00h
Mercredi 09:00h à 18:00h
Jeudi 09:00h à 18:00h
Vendredi 09:00h à 18:00h
Samedi 09:00h à 17:00h
Dimanche 10:00h à 14:00h

Gate Access Hours

Accès quotidien Ouvert 24 h/24

* Les heures indiquées sont les heures locales, à moins d'indications contraires.

** Fermé durant les jours fériés.

* Minimum de quatre semaines de location.

** En fonction de la disponibilité

Tarif Température contrôlée Rez-de-chaussée Étage supérieur Accès privilégié Dimensions

24 $ par semaine

Étage supérieur 3×5
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

28 $ par semaine

Étage supérieur 5×5
Quatre semaines gratuites

28 $ par semaine

Étage supérieur 5×5
Quatre semaines gratuites

40 $ par semaine

Étage supérieur 5×10
Quatre semaines gratuites

40 $ par semaine

Étage supérieur 5×10
Quatre semaines gratuites

42 $ par semaine

Étage supérieur 5×8
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

48 $ par semaine

Rez-de-chaussée 5×10
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

59 $ par semaine

Rez-de-chaussée 8×10
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

59 $ par semaine

Étage supérieur 8×10
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

60 $ par semaine

Étage supérieur 10×10
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

Caractéristiques d’entreposage libre-service

  • Sécurité 24 h/24
  • Barrière d’accès
  • Unités avec accès routier
  • Unités intérieures
  • Température contrôlée
  • Ascenseur
  • Stationnement extérieur
  • Propre et bien éclairée
  • Entretien professionnel
  • Excellent service tous les jours
  • Arrivée et départ faciles
  • Personnel local

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* Minimum de quatre semaines de location.

* Numéro de téléphone local : (647) 559-2248


Access Storage - Leaside

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Sacha Porter

Bianca at the front desk is very sweet and helpful.

Molly-Rae Landi

Amazing experience with Access Storage! Super super friendly staff, reliable, good location, new facility so I had no concerns leaving my belongings! Would definitely return.

Naz Deen

Gennaro Iuliano

Great deals

Kashif Hamid

Petya Dyakova

We used the storage for about 3 months during our move to a new home. The facility is new, tidy and secure. Best of all was the customer service provided by the staff and more specifically Bianca, who was amazing. She is very professional, supportive and attentive to customers’ needs. Overall, this was our first experience with an external storage facility and we can definitely say that Access Storage – Leaside exceeded our expectations.

Sandra Benns

I had the pleasure of being introduced to the Access Storage folks, who are new to our Leaside neighbourhood. I am now a happy customer. The facility itself is impeccable, but it's the helpful and professional staff that ticked all my boxes. Customer service reigns supreme here! But really, when you get right down to it, they are excellent problem solvers throughout the process. Especially one of the staff, Bianca, who excelled in giving me a great experience during my transition of moving from one home to another. Oh yes, the spotlessly clean bathroom also gets a 10 out of 10! Sandra Benns


I have nothing but great things to say about this facility. It is new, very clean and well kept facility with lots of choices of units (especially lots of great drive-up unit) and good security. I found the staff to be extremely well informed and helpful; Bianca in particular was a superstar and very enthusiastic and professional in assisting me. I was thrilled to find such a great facility at such a convenient location.

Jerry Wang

this storage facility is quite new, with good choices of units of various sizes. We chose it because of its convenient location, reasonable pricing and good service. We worked with Bianca who was very nice and professional throughout the process.

Anees Purayil

Aitch Em


It was a good experience from the start. I got good service, fair prices, and a clean locker that suited my needs. However, when it was time for me to use the free rental van, things went a bit sideways. The rental location up the street, Discount, didn't have the right info from Access and was ready to charge me for the rental, most likely knowing full well that it should be free. There was no attempt to try and sort the matter until I pushed for it. So I needlessly had to waste over an hour in that little tiny hole, that was disgusting and disheveled like an outhouse in some foreign place. Instead the businesses at hand taking care of me, the client, I had to hold their hands and tell them what to do and how to fix the issue. I could’ve done without this nonsense, although it’s not something new to me since for one reason or another businesses seem to think they don’t need to lift a finger theses days to keep their clients. Maybe because there’s more of us then them. I asked for some sort of compensation for all the frustration I had to go through with no avail. Anyhow I got the job done, moved my stuff there and that’s that. So, conclusion is, good storage facility, don’t hold your breath for smooth transactions, and keep your stuff covered with a drop sheet from the dust.