Ma succursale : Brantford 09:00h à 17:00h
Centre de solutions : De 8 h à 22 h, HE

Access Storage - Saskatoon Nord

121 Gyles Place, Saskatoon SK S7L 6C5



Appelez pour louer 1 306-665-2110

Heures d’ouverture de la succursale

Lundi 09:00h à 17:00h
Mardi 09:00h à 17:00h
Mercredi 09:00h à 17:00h
Jeudi 09:00h à 17:00h
Vendredi 09:00h à 17:00h
Samedi 09:00h à 17:00h
Dimanche Fermé

Gate Access Hours

Accès quotidien 06:00h à 22:00h

* Les heures indiquées sont les heures locales, à moins d'indications contraires.

** Fermé durant les jours fériés.

* Minimum de quatre semaines de location.

** En fonction de la disponibilité

Tarif Température contrôlée Rez-de-chaussée Étage supérieur Accès privilégié Dimensions

16 $ par semaine

Rez-de-chaussée 4×4
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

16 $ par semaine

Rez-de-chaussée 4×5
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

17 $ par semaine

Rez-de-chaussée 5×5
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

18 $ par semaine

Rez-de-chaussée 4×5
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

18 $ par semaine

Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

19 $ par semaine

Rez-de-chaussée 5×5
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

20 $ par semaine

Rez-de-chaussée 5×6
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

20 $ par semaine

Étage supérieur 5×10
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

22 $ par semaine

Rez-de-chaussée 5×6
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

22 $ par semaine

Rez-de-chaussée 5×10
Quatre semaines gratuites

Caractéristiques d’entreposage libre-service

  • Propre et bien éclairée
  • Entretien professionnel
  • Excellent service tous les jours
  • Arrivée et départ faciles
  • Personnel local

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* Minimum de quatre semaines de location.

* Numéro de téléphone local : (306) 988-7421


Access Storage - Saskatoon Nord

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jonathan schryer

Customer service is amazing, highly recommend for any size of storage you may need

Mohamad Osseiran

This is the best storage facility i have ever been to. Their 24 hour service contact saved me and helped me reserve a great unit. I would like to add that Alona the person working there was very friendly and went out of her way to help me with the whole process. I definitely recommend this facility and i will definitely be coming back.

Ron Denis

2 fantastic Ladies here to help you

Dragon V

rick cranston

The storage facility is good and fairly priced.

Corey Delay

Roberta Fehr

Over the years I have used many storage companies. This company is by far the best in customer service and accommodations. They have the best friendly employees. I would definitely use them again.

cory sereda

Customer service was amazing. Even when I couldn't use the strongest unit they understand the reasoning and refunded my money

Rick Baxter

I've been using their service since April 2016 & the staff is extremely courteous and helpful! It feels like an extension of home there. It's good to know my belongings are safe and secure!

Praveen Mathew

John-Paul Shoufani

Friendly and courteous staff! Great people to deal with. Our belonging were in storage for a year and never had an issue. We were able to access our belongings 24h a day 7day a week. Keep up the great work!

Dustin Sabiston

Austin McGunigal

Staff members were fantastic to deal with and very eager to help out. My girlfriend and I rented a few of the 3' and 5' containers. They were awesome. Could hold a good amount of weight, can stack, and were very easy to carry with sturdy handles.

Dan Merino

They have excellent service and lots of options

Steve Wriston

We rented an 8x10 for a year and a half and everything went extremely smooth moving and accessing contents whenever we needed to.

Gray Myrfield

If used a couple of rental places, and never have I had such great service. So helpful. Would recommended!

Greg Reimche

I rented the 3 cubic foot (blue) and 5 cubic foot (black) storage totes for moving and they were a huge help. They can be stacked as high as you would ever want to as they are very sturdy. Everything inside the totes was intact and clean after the move. No worries about leaking into or out of also leaves everything protected. Some of my shop fluids had leaked and it was contained with no collateral damage. The built in handles make lifting and carrying heavier weight a little easier too. Plus you have to unpack because they will get picked up. No more leaving boxes unpacked for a year... We also had a great experience with the staff as they were easy going, professional and polite. Simply put, they are very nice people at the Saskatoon location.

Liz Oguns

They did a wonderful job with the move-in and move-out process. Their prices are also really good for students. I will definitely be using them again in the future.

Jamie Kim

Very flexible and convenient to use!

Ashlee Tebbe

Used their boxes to move and loved them. never using cardboard boxes again. The staff was awesome! Would definately reccommend them to everyone.

Jim Swaby

The staff is very helpful and easy to deal with and the storage site is great. I really like the ability to access my unit 24hrs a day. I would recommend this storage business to anyone in need of storage space.

Daniel Elson

I've dealt with other storage facilities in the past and was never completely satisfied with their customer service. Modular storage has gone above and beyond to make my experience as stress free as possible. The management and staff are so pleasant and helpful! I've been renting out a unit at Modular for over a year now and I have yet to run into a reason to complain. The building is very accessible yet very secure that I feel safe leaving my belongings there. I would highly recommend Modular Storage systems to anyone who is looking for an awesome storage unit at reasonable price.

Grace MacLennan

Anson Liski of Modular Storage in Saskatoon, and the staff there, have been exemplary Supporters of the Children's Wish Foundation in Saskatoon, providing storage, donating staff and vehicles to move equipment for our events. Anson leaves nothing to chance and we can depend on him to get the job done. Two thumbs up!

Anita Albinowska

This company is very helpful. I would definitely recommend it to family and friends or whoever needs storage.


Best Service Ever! I have been troubled since losing my license and deciding to downsize to a smaller home and unsure of how to store my belongings. a Friend suggested Modular Storage and after looking into the services provided it was the delivery and pick up of the containers that really interested me. Speaking with Brad over the phone he was able to assess my needs and I was able to rent a container to store the majority of my home furnishings. The service was impeccable and I was completely blown away by the storage lockers. I was able to get a hand moving with some friends and we had the container filled in a couple of days. Brad was able to arrange for a pickup immediately after we finished. It was really nice to have the piece of mind that my belongings are well looked after. Thanks Brad


These guys are great! Very friendly and proffesional! Went above and beyond to make my moving experience affordable and easy! I will recommend them to everyone I know and will never by a cardboard box again! Thanks for saving me money and our enviroment!

Sharon Bradley

Good storage place and friendly

Blaine Natomagan

Ken Harder

been here for about 7 years, always been good


Daniel Waleniak