Ma succursale : Brantford 09:00h à 17:00h
Centre de solutions : De 8 h à 22 h, HE

Access Storage - Regina Central

100, avenue Dewdney, Regina SK S4N 0E5



Appelez pour louer 1-877-217-8673

Clients existants 1 306-525-9921

Heures d’ouverture de la succursale

Lundi 09:00h à 17:00h
Mardi 09:00h à 17:00h
Mercredi 09:00h à 17:00h
Jeudi 09:00h à 17:00h
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Gate Access Hours

Accès quotidien 06:00h à 22:00h

* Les heures indiquées sont les heures locales, à moins d'indications contraires.

** Fermé durant les jours fériés.

* Minimum de quatre semaines de location.

** En fonction de la disponibilité

Tarif Température contrôlée Rez-de-chaussée Étage supérieur Accès privilégié Dimensions

7 $ par semaine

Étage supérieur 3×4
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

8 $ par semaine

Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

10 $ par semaine

Étage supérieur 4×5
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

11 $ par semaine

Étage supérieur 5×5
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

12 $ par semaine

Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

14 $ par semaine

Étage supérieur 6×6
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

14 $ par semaine

Étage supérieur 4×10
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

16 $ par semaine

Étage supérieur 5×8
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

17 $ par semaine

Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

17 $ par semaine

Étage supérieur 5×10
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

Caractéristiques d’entreposage libre-service

  • Sécurité 24 h/24
  • Alarme individuelle
  • Unités avec accès routier
  • Unités intérieures
  • Température contrôlée
  • Stationnement extérieur
  • Propre et bien éclairée
  • Entretien professionnel
  • Excellent service tous les jours
  • Arrivée et départ faciles
  • Personnel local

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* Minimum de quatre semaines de location.

* Numéro de téléphone local : (306) 994-1439


Access Storage - Regina Central

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Jason Willmont

Be sure to ask for Brett! This guy was willing to run around Regina just to get me a few boxes. He was really helpful! You don't usually expect this level of customer service anymore. If you need moving supplies come here and Brett will help you out.

Marilyn Louison

Kelly Bennefeld

Maria Fernanda Cornejo Del Valle

Cara Freed

I used their storage unit for well over a year, always had great customer service and the best price for the rental unit.

hawine gurmessa

Daniel Diment

These folks rock, they really went the extra mile to help us!

Ismael Ghemraoui

Amazing storage place. The staff have amazing customer service. Never leaving them!

Mclean Rasmussen

Best storage company I have used. Really helpful that they deliver your storage to you

Salman Anwar

I stored with Modular for three months while I was away for the summer. Had all my belongings as well as my car in there. Service was great, Rob always went beyond the call of duty to help figure things out and make sure everything went smoothly. Prices were very competitive, a great experience!

Joe Doe

Modular Storage had great customer service, and the cheapest price I could find around town. I recommend them to all my friends who need a place to store their camping equipment, or xmas items.

Blaise Boehmer

Definitely an affordable moving solution. The staff was responsive and quite upfront about the costs. I would definitely recommend this storage/moving service.


friendly and helpful staff. unbeatable price. will definitely come back if the need arises.


I have been here for about 3 years, have had great service. I would recommend Modular Storage to my friends. Always greated with a smile on their faces.


The staff is awesome and very helpful. I really like being able to access my storage anytime. They handle all my shipping and have even helped when things are shippped out \its awesome!!


Modular storage has worked very well for me for a number of instances. When I moved to a smaller place for a period of time, Modular storage had the right size that I needed. They were very helpful in determining my needs and provide the perfect solution. Then again when I had to move my parents into a home, I didn't know what to do with all their stuff until the rest of the family could get here....Modular storage again was my solution at a very reasonable price.


Have been a customer for over 6 months now and loving the ability to free up my home and place items used for my deejay business systems (and personal usage) in storage at a well affordable rate. I have even referred a few friends who have cluttered alot of items in their apartment, and now they have alot more room to move in their apartment. Would definately recommend this type of convenience and Modular Storage has the best customer service available to answer my questions.

Urban Lube

Janet McLeod

"typically replies in a few hours" - I wrote on the site facebook page a day ago. No reply yet.