Ma succursale : Brantford 09:00h à 17:00h
Centre de solutions : De 8 h à 22 h, HE

Sentinel Storage - Edmonton Central

11444 119 St NW, Edmonton AB T5G 2X6



Appelez pour louer (587) 400-1151

Heures d’ouverture de la succursale

Lundi 09:00h à 17:00h
Mardi 09:00h à 17:00h
Mercredi 09:00h à 17:00h
Jeudi 09:00h à 17:00h
Vendredi 09:00h à 17:00h
Samedi 09:00h à 17:00h
Dimanche Fermé

Gate Access Hours

Accès quotidien 06:00h à 23:00h

* Les heures indiquées sont les heures locales, à moins d'indications contraires.

** Fermé durant les jours fériés.

* Minimum de quatre semaines de location.

** En fonction de la disponibilité

Tarif Température contrôlée Rez-de-chaussée Étage supérieur Accès privilégié Dimensions

13 $ par semaine

Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

19 $ par semaine

Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

23 $ par semaine

Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

25 $ par semaine

Étage supérieur 5×5
Quatre semaines gratuites

27 $ par semaine

Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

30 $ par semaine

Étage supérieur 5×8
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

31 $ par semaine

Étage supérieur 5×8
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

32 $ par semaine

Rez-de-chaussée 5×5
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

33 $ par semaine

Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

40 $ par semaine

Étage supérieur 5×10
Location gratuite d’une fourgonnette

Caractéristiques d’entreposage libre-service

  • Sécurité 24 h/24
  • Unités avec accès routier
  • Unités intérieures
  • Température contrôlée
  • Ascenseur
  • Stationnement extérieur
  • Fourgonnette
  • Propre et bien éclairée
  • Entretien professionnel
  • Excellent service tous les jours
  • Arrivée et départ faciles
  • Personnel local

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* Minimum de quatre semaines de location.

* Numéro de téléphone local : (780) 451-5252


Sentinel Storage - Edmonton Central

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Cossette Gagnier


Alibaster Rowe

Wonderful service and a great Staff. The storage is centrally located, secure and clean.

Toby Marquardt

Our Sentinel Storage is in West Edmonton, but my etransfer was going to this place, but we changed the way we pay online and the payments are going to West Edmonton directly

Mahdi Nur

Great service and staff!!

Laurence MacKenzie

I've had great service here. The pricing is decent and the units are secure. The building is well monitored.

Vitaliy Storoshuk


Teddy Bear


Curtis Lipscombe

marc parent

The management team at this location went above and beyond any "usual" storage place. Firstly, when I went to move in I arrived 5 mins before close and the Manager said he had an appointment that night and I would have to wait till the following morning. I explained that the truck was a friends and he needed it empty for work. So we quickly did the paperwork and found a locker all while keeping a very plesent attitude. Very professional.

Kristina Beauchamp

Fantastic service. Will use again!!

Alyssa Steinhubl

Fantastic, professional and prompt service in a clean and secure facility.

James Cousineau

new facility. large quick elevators, indoor loading docks amazing staff

Laureen Guldbrandsen

Great service. They're very friendly here and the space is kept in great condition.

The Postmen

Great customer service

Jennifer Taylor

Fantastic experience here. Great staff and really good security.

Henri Wilmink

NJ Valli

We have rented a storage locker from Sentinel Storage for approximately 5 months. It is evident that the facility is extremely well managed and cared for; it is always clean and tidy, the lift has been operational every time we have went, the keyless entry system is excellent and there are beautiful flowers greeting you at the entrance. There are several loading bays which mean you don't have to wait to unload (or at leas we haven't ever had to wait).

HSK dongxi

Everyone here was so friendly, helpful, and efficient. Clean units in a cool old secure brick building. I'd recommend Sentinel to anyone.

Chris Gent

Very easy to get everything set up. The staff were extremely helpful, and explained everything in an easy way. Loading docks, with carts available nearby made moving in fast and easy. Will definitely recommend to friends.

Reva L. Robillard

I have had a storage unit at Sentinel Edmonton Central for about 5-6 years now. They have been nothing but professional, supportive and thorough in all communications and transactions. I just made a move from a larger unit to a smaller unit and they patiently explained the process, timing and how the new payments/credits would be scheduled. There wasn't a problem at all with a move of this sort. I appreciated the time they took to work this out with me and how willing they were to make it a smooth and seamless transition. I feel secure in this location, early morning or late at night as well. This has also been very important to me as a single female, requiring access during non peak hours. A sincere thanks to all the staff at Sentinel, Edmonton Central.

Joyel Hidber

Love the location and convenience and the fact it's a clean indoor environment. I was also accidentally deleted from their system, but it was resolved fairly quickly and I have had no issues since.

Marc Ciampa

Great service, great rates. Highly recommended!

Gary Javorsky

Sentinel Storage is a great place to store your stuff. It is clean well lit and safe. Gary is a great manager, always friendly and helpful.

Percin Villar

Pretty good Self Storage Facility, pretty clean and well organized. Open 24/7 and after hours security is top notch. I have been in this facility for more than a year and will keep staying in this facility for years to come. PJV

Al Cosh

Been with them for 2 years. Good facility, good staff always courteous and willing to help.

Adriel Michaud

Had to pull a few things out of storage and found the whole process pretty straight forward. The ladies at the front desk were helpful and pointed me in the right direction, and I found the signage easy to follow.

Jeff C

kevin mcdougall

Robert Preece

Vaughn Gordon

Peregrine Point

carter ashton

Easy access with height adjustable loading bay.

Jason Turner

Great service

Joy Cameron

Easy to set up an account. The staff are friendly and know what they are talking about. Our tour was great. The unit we have is in a climate controlled area and it's perfect. We love it!

Susan Cuneen

I've stored my belongings with Sentinel over a year now with absolutely no complaints. The building is clean and well kept and in a great location. In fact it has recently been painted thru out and new extra wide outside steps to storage facility. The staff has always been friendly and ready to assist in any way. Also you can book their moving van if you need at no charge.

Linda S.

I like that the central location isn't that far from me, although not located on a direct bus route, so it's really best to drive there. Their location has convenient hours, which is great- after the Christmas Holidays I wanted to put my Christmas tree and decorations away in storage and you can do this past their normal business hours. My only complaint is that I wish that I was able to add them to my RBC Bank account as a payee but as it's not set up for that, as the customer isn't given an Account Number that is needed in order to do this so you can pay for your unit when it's due electronically instead of through the Sentinel Storage website. This is something I hope will change in the near future to make it even more convenient for customers to pay through their bank account instead, just like with their other monthly bills.

Robert O

Pretty good indoor heated storage. The staff were friendly and the building was very clean. The loading docks are very useful and its like this building is a converted warehouse. The main floor units are the larger ones and have sheet metal walls. The upstairs and downstairs units are sectioned off using drywall screwed onto metal studs. If you ask me this isn't a very secure method as somebody could easily bust through the walls into individual units and steal your stuff. Or the smarter person could quietly unscrew the drywall panels and go through your stuff then screw it all back together and you'd be none-the-wiser. Also my unit's wall doesn't completely touch the adjoining wall so there is a gap you can look through and see what is stored in the other units. Hopefully my "neighbors" have good intentions. I personally am not worried as my stuff isn't of high value, but I suggest if you have something you want secured, use one of the metal wall units or better yet one of the other Sentinels with individual concrete wall units.

Sam Billings

Keith Wallis

Lorna Sleen

Wessley Neeves

Mandip Padda

samander goshime

Kailee Cousins

Have had my belongings in and out of this facility for a few years now. Everything was good and straight forward until recently when i was "accidentally" electronically moved out in October. I did not know about this until I tried to pay my bill. It took them quite some time to resolve it on their end and get me back into they system. Now this month I am still having issues. Although the site manager tries to resolve things quickly there seems to be a great deal of online program issues that are not understood to make these resolutions effective. The on site staff seem to try there best and are very polite and apologetic about the situation, it is very very frustrating when your personal belongings are jeopardized by a computer system.