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Solution Centre: 8:00am to 10:00pm ET

Sentinel Storage - Richmond

11151 Bridgeport Rd, Richmond BC V6X 1T3



Call to Rent (604) 337-1545

Store Hours

Monday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Thursday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Sunday Closed

Gate Access Hours

Daily 6:00am to 11:00pm

* Hours are local time unless stated otherwise.

** Closed during bank holidays and public holidays.

* Minimum four week rental

** Subject to availability

Rate Climate Controlled Ground Floor Upper Floor Premium Access Size

$22 per week

Free Move-in Van

$26 per week

Upper Level 5’×5’
Free Move-in Van

$32 per week

Upper Level 5’×7’
50% off first cycle

$35 per week

Ground Floor 5’×5’
Four Weeks Free

$36 per week

Upper Level 5’×10’
50% off first cycle

$38 per week

Ground Floor 4’×7’
Free Move-in Van

$43 per week

Ground Floor 5’×10’
Free Move-in Van

$56 per week

Ground Floor 7’×10’
Four Weeks Free

$66 per week

Upper Level 7’×10’
Free Move-in Van

$69 per week

Upper Level 10’×10’
50% off first cycle

Self Storage Features

  • 24 Hour Security
  • Gated Property
  • Climate Controlled
  • Elevator
  • Outdoor Parking
  • Mailbox
  • Move-in Van
  • Clean and well-lit
  • Professionally maintained
  • Great everyday service
  • Easy check in and check out
  • Locally staffed

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* Minimum four week rental

* Local line: (604) 278-1687


Sentinel Storage - Richmond

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Vimal Solanki


Jay G

Staff is awesome. Very friendly and helpful. The place is well maintained. Easy access from 6am-11pm 👍 Unit #2126

Michelle Kilburn

Kei Wing Lo

Daisy S.

Compare to other storage unit provider, Sentinel Storage is relatively new and clean. All their units are indoor so even during the cold rainy days of Vancouver, you still will be comfortably dry when you are moving your stuff. The system is also very advanced. Each unit is provided with barcode to activate/de-ativate during your use. The whole location is brightly lit 24/7 with surveillance camera. #2504

Stuffie Vlogs

Excellent service clean Unit 2671


Clean convenient and good customer service.

Hannah Chung

Jayeson Grewal

Nice and clean and new

Robert Bushby

I have never had any problems with this company, although it has changed hands and names over the years, They have always been very good to me. Discounts for paid in full longer terms, Power near units available if you ask. Real 24 hour access. Very clean and well maintained.

Alex Zhou

My First Storage Rental: I searched rental storages online and checked 3 places in person. Finally I chose Sentinel Storage because it's clean, bright and professional. It makes me feel safer than other places.

Rena Tabata

Convenient, new facility and great service. Rent on a monthly plan and you have access to their moving truck.

Alex Grishin

Place is very clean, staff helpful and price is reasonable. All storage doors are alarmed and you'll be notified of inappropriate access. They let you use their truck at only 30c/km and you even don't need to pay for gas! You gotta be very carefull though it's photographed before you take it if you bring it back scratched or damaged you loose 250$ deductible and opportunity to use it again, which is reasonable! Over all, one of the best businesses we had an interaction with in Canada!

Antonio Doman

Good prices, incredibly helpful staff and excellent security. All in all great service.

Cornell Ra

I have seen a lot of Self Storage businesses across the city and the exhorbitant rates, really nice facilities, and the exact opposite, i decided to give Sentinel a look. Ended up having a phone conversation with Richmond location and having a good feel so decided to hop on down there to have a physical look. Met Sylvester there and he went through the various options of units available along with pricing. Down to earth and direct no nonsense conversation was exactly what i was looking for in a place. That and the pricing was good along with the cleanliness of the location. It was admittedly a bit warm upstairs however, it was what i needed in terms of space and size so i'm willing to live with that! THe warmth is only an issue for those hottest days so i do not see that to be an issue for most people who want to use a self storage place! So far so good!

Chris Robinson

I have been using Richmond Sentinel Storage for a few months now and I am very happy with the service! The staff are all great to work with - very organized, friendly and knowledgeable. On more than one occasion they have gone above and beyond to provide excellent service for me. The units are very clean and the building as a whole is in great shape- it is incredibly clean, I never see a piece of garbage or scrap of dirt anywhere. In my opinion it is the best deal going - great rates with the best access hours. I'm a huge fan of the 24 hour access for business's as well. I would strongly recommend Richmond Sentinel Storage to anyone.

Alana Archer

I am currently storing my car at Sentinel Storage Richmond while I'm travelling overseas. The whole process was very simple & straightforward, the staff is super friendly, and I feel very confident knowing that my property is in great hands! Thank you Sentinel team! :)

Lucy Li

Very good services.

Erin Vanderkooy

I have nothing but good things to say about this storage facility! They were ever so helpful when I moved my belongings in and I always find a friendly staff member on the end of the phone usually with a variety of options which are always to my liking. I feel happy that my stuff is in good hands and being stored securely. Highly recommended.

Suzanne Singh

Sentinel Storage Richmond is fantastic! Super clean, convenient, and the customer service is excellent! Sully and Lisa are great to deal with. Would definitely recommend to friends and family!!

Ligia Nastasa

I have a great experience using this storage. With Sentinel storage you get -best rates -great location -very clean -the staff is very professional -it is safe Ligia

Eddie Garda

Clean and very organized. I feel safe and find it so convenient to use the storage.

Joyce L

Great Storage --- new, nice and clean. Good location --- convenient and easy to access. Great service and staff --- they are professional and helpful.

Katrina Galas

Great spot, great service! Everything was very easy, from working with the staff, to loading/unloading (lots of carts available!). Everyone working there was very helpful and friendly, and the entire building is exceptionally clean. They have a washroom for guests and all access hours, plus a solid security system to ensure the safety of your unit. Its location is great too, very close to Richmond/South Vancouver and the airport - I'm renewing my rental as there's no reason not too.

Dorothy Winstone

Great place to store our stuff! The staff are helpful and the location is very clean. It's great that they have a courtesy rental truck because it saved us from having to source another company for that rental. Facility hours are great as well for us to get our things, not just business hours.

Nevin Low

Great facilities--nice and clean. Great service and staff--they are very helpful. Great location--very convenient to get to.


The service and the people are absolutely amazing! I've never received beter service plus this is the cleanest storage facility i have checked out. I have checked out many others.

Ozzy Goksel

I have had nothing but great experience from Sentinel! From the minute I called they were incredibly profession and extremely helpful. Sully found the best rates for me and when I went in to sign all the papers, Christine was very helpful and knowledgeable which I value greatly. I looked for different rates at other storage units and nothing compared to this one, plus it is VERY clean. Thanks Sentinel and staff for making my experience enjoyable!

sugar plum fairy

it all nice and stuff, but the amount of unicorns and candy is too low. Please work on that! Convinient and friendly, staff is very friendly and helpful. Very much reccomended

Rena McLeod

Secure, climate controlled storage very close to downtown Vancouver! As a 5 year client, we are happy to use this company year after year

Greg Eng

Over the years I've used a few storage facilities and this is the company I will be staying with. Friendly accommodating staff, super clean, secure and for myself, a general contractor convenient access 24hrs a day. 5 stars all the way! Greg

Daryle Dean Warkentin

Great / clean / well-run storage facility. The people are great, and the place is always secure. I can't say enough about this great place. Thanks for keeping our stuff safe.

Jane Henry

I found that the storage facility was extremely clean and warm and the staff were very knowledgeable and very friendly. I would use Sentinel again and would recommend it to all my friends and family.

Chris Scullion

I love storing stuff that I will never use, forever, at Sentinel. They make me feel good about this. I don't know how they do it but I think I will keep my useless things at this place forever!

Ronald Chui

Sentinel storage is located at a convenient location in Richmond. The pricing is very reasonable. It's very clean and security is not an issue as there are CCTVs and passcode to enter the secured areas. There are 24 hours storage access. A van is available to be rented as well for moving items from storage for a very cheap $/km rate. I highly recommend people who are in need for extra storage to rent from Sentinel storage.

Elaine V

As far as storage facilities are concerned this place is aces! From the moment I walked in the door, I was welcomed with a smile and was shown around at length. Lisa was awesome! She spoke to me for over an hour as I was somewhat paranoid about storing all of my valuables for the first time. She even gave my daughter a light up bouney ball which totally made her day. I went to a few other storage places nearby and they were cheaper but dirty, poorly lit, and to me very unsafe. There is a reason why these guys are bit more expensive. Go visit them and you will quickly see why. They even helped me and my husband contract a moving company who was excellent and we will definitely use again. These guys were extremely helpful and even gave us bottled water. Way to go sentinel storage!!

Luke Starbuck

The service here that I have had has been excellent. Even when my credit card was cancelled due to internet fraud, they were very understanding, and were no-pressure when it came to my setting up the new card, despite problems with the bank. I have always been welcomed with a smile, they helpfully explained things, and there's free mints too! Finally, when closing my account and moving out of the storage space, the guy was apologetic that he couldn't charge me pro-rata for my final month, which I found refreshing. Being offered a handshake and a warm thank you was the icing on the cake. Thanks guys! PS I found their rates were better than elsewhere, and the space was incredibly secure and clean. Always accessible, and the parking lot is convenient and completely level which is awesome.

Terry Austin

Good service. Though their new 28 day billing cycle is somewhat disconcerting.

Kimberley Leong

The lady who helped me with my unit was super helpful and was very thorough in explaining all the information I needed to know. There was also no administration fees when signing up so that is a great plus! The storage facility itself is very clean and secure. Overall a great place!

Warren Mui

Andrew Lam

Nice clean storage place.

Stephen Chong

Adam Weidl

This location is supposed to be open until 11pm I was told when I signed up is that true? Google says it's not and know ones picking up.

Jenny Kwan

Timely response from representatives. They had a genuine interest in making sure our contents were safe by gathering information on who we wanted to access the storeage.

leslie fox

Find the addition of Lisa as the new site manager and her team a major step in the right direction. Premises are always spotless with security a priority. Conveniently located in Richmond with 24 hours access.

Peter Schweiger