What Self-Storage can do for Your Business

Often, self-storage is considered a useful resource for households looking for additional storage space during a move or renovation, or a whole host of other reasons. One of the newest uses for self-storage though has come from the business sector: more and more companies are turning to storage facilities and portable storage solutions to increase their space in an economical manner.

At Access Storage, we work with businesses on a daily basis to remedy a wide variety of storage issues they may be faced with. This led us to collect some of the most popular uses that businesses employ self-storage space for, and why self-storage has become such an attractive way for a company to expand their resources in a manageable way.


The first thing that often comes to mind with self-storage is organization and decluttering, and there is no difference here when it comes to business uses.

Every business has an excess of files – employee records, tax documents, confidential agreements and contracts, etc. – and while these documents are not usually needed on-hand, they are also documents that every business must keep. Why clutter your office or work space with the excess? A small self-storage unit can make these documents disappear, while also keeping them safe and accessible when needed.

Organization is key to the success of any business: the more organized your work space, the more productive are your employees. Finding ways to remove clutter, such as excess documents, can result in an improved performance from your staff and a correlated increase to your bottom line.

 Why keep the decorations from the Christmas party jammed in the bottom drawer of a desk? Hide them at a storage facility offsite, or a portable container on your property, and rid yourself of the disrupting mess. You and your business will be grateful.

As soon as you start to conceive of the items you could rid your office or work space of, you’ll see possibilities for increased production that you didn’t realize were there. Consider a self-storage unit and what organizational uses you can optimize it for, and you’ll recognize the advantages quickly.

Seasonal businesses

 Businesses that operate on a seasonal basis or have seasonal aspects to their business can find dramatic benefits from a self-storage unit. Obviously, in the off-season, tools and materials require a space to be housed for their hibernation – why have them around your work space though? You don’t need them; they’re nothing but in the way!

Have a portable storage container dropped off, and house the items there. Or rent a self-storage unit, and move them away until next season. Retail companies use space for their out-of-season clothing items and excess display materials. Restaurants house their patio furniture during the winter, as well as their seasonal decorations and excess stock. A landscaping business can find a home for their lawnmowers in the winter and their snow blowers in the summer. Here, we’ve barely scratched the surface of the types of seasonal items that any business might need to temporarily get rid of.

Any seasonal item needs a space to reside when it’s out-of-season, and self-storage is typically the best answer here. Consider the types of items that your business only requires seasonally, and you’ll see the sorts advantages a self-storage unit can do for your business’ use of space.


Another use we find businesses utilizing self-storage for are during renovations or equipment upgrades. Here, a portable container may be the best option, depending on the length of the renovations and type of equipment being stored. Have a container dropped off, and then fill it with the items out of the room or rooms being renovated. Likewise, move the old photocopier and electronics you have replaced into the storage container, as you wait to resell them.

Any upgrades to equipment, furniture, or the work space can find the room necessary to accommodate the project easily with a self-storage solution. When it comes time for your business to upgrade, consider what a self-storage unit can do for your plan.


Portable self-storage containers have been found to be highly beneficial to construction companies. Rather than requiring the workers to load equipment on and off trucks every day, all of these items can be stored onsite in a portable container.

The convenience for the company is obvious: not only do they not have to move these items to and from the construction site, but within a mobile container, they are also kept secure for their use every day.

Similarly, if you are a contractor in charge of a number of sites, housing equipment and material at a central self-storage facility can save a lot of time and effort getting the right tools and supplies to the correct site every day.

Once you see the possibilities that self-storage can bring to your construction business, it will be easy to find the many benefits.


While we aren’t expecting to enlighten you with this one, it still should be mentioned: if you’re moving your business’ location, then self-storage can be of great aid during this stressful period.

If there is any time between moving out of your current location and into the new one, then a storage unit, for one, will keep your items safe in the meantime.

Moreover, the storage space can also serve as a place to unpack and take your time deciding on what items can be discarded: why rush through such a process, when a self-storage unit can provide you with a lot more time to make such decisions? Don’t stress about what needs to be done, because, with a self-storage unit, you have more time now to do it.

The uses that self-storage has for businesses are numerous. The additional space that comes in the most economical way possible is hugely beneficial: space is something we can almost always use more of, especially as a business.

Do you have a business need that you think self-storage may help with? Let us at Access Storage know what your project might be: we really have every storage answer ready to satisfy your business – just try us!