How To Choose A Storage Unit Size To Match The Space In Your Moving Truck

Granted, determining that you need to rent a storage unit to safely store your belongings is as simple as recognizing you don’t have any more space in your garage, home or office building. However, the same cannot be said about booking a storage unit that needs to be placed in a moving truck to be transported. If you were to rent the first storage unit you come across, then there would be issues of establishing whether the truck is big enough to require a single run.

In case the truck is too small, then it means you will waste time and money on multiple transports. Moreover, if you rent a relatively large unit that is simply too big for the items you have to move, then it means you’re skipping on the substantial savings you could have made with smaller and more affordable storage units. The following article will provide you with some tips on how to choose the appropriate type of unit to accommodate all your belongings that fits the space in the moving truck perfectly.

Determine the right unit size

By far the simplest method to ensuring you are renting the correct size storage units is to find an estimator tool online. Before you can use the estimator, it is highly advisable to make a list of the items you intend to place in the unit. Armed with this information, all you have to do is check out the estimator’s diagram and find out, for instance, what type of furniture can fit inside. On a side note, most of these tools include a comprehensive guide that lists the square footage of most items that you can place in a storage unit.

In the event when you require several storage units for relocating, then you should search for more complex estimator tools. Ideally, you should shop around for an interactive tool that permits you to list the items you want to place inside the units. Not only will you determine the perfect size for your belongings, but the estimators can help you make substantial savings with transportation at the same time.

Factors to account for when selecting a moving truck

Similar to storage unit estimators, you can find numerous charts online that allow you to determine the common dimensions of moving trucks. Some of these tools even include features that give understandable representations of the items you can place inside. For instance, a 10 ft truck is just about the size of a walk-in closet; therefore, if your items fit in such a closet, it means they can also be safely transported in a truck of this exact size.

An alternative would be to look for a moving truck rental company that provides free unit storage. Without denying that you will have to do some research, this is a minor setback if you manage to come across a storage facility that offer pick-up and delivery services. Obviously, you will have to rent storage units from them; however, don’t forget that these services can make relocation less stressful and you will surely need that extra space anyway.

Quick tips for safely transporting your belongings

After you determine the correct sizing and number of storage units you require for your relocation, it is your responsibility to pack your belongings properly and get them ready for the shipment. In case you don’t work with a moving company and want to be certain your items arrive at their destination in one piece, here are some things to consider:

• Pallets can help you make the most of the space

Instead of placing your storage units on top of each other, a better idea would be to use pallets for this purpose. Pallets can keep the units secure during transportation and harness the full potential of the available vertical space in the truck. 

• Wrap everything you place in a storage unit

As a rule of thumb, if you have to place an item inside a storage unit, then you should encase it in industrial plastic wrap. Not only does wrapping ensures your belongings are sealed up tightly, but it also prevents dust or pests from getting inside. 

• Plan for temperature changes

In case you need to ship electronics, vinyl or other goods of this nature, then check the weather forecast. When heavy snow or hot temperatures are announced for the day your items are transported, rent a climate controlled unit and avoid damage to your expensive or irreplaceable items.

• Labels are your best friends

Although you know exactly what you placed in the storage unit, would your memory be just as sharp in 6 months when you decide to open them? If you want to avoid digging for specific items for ages and opening random boxes, remember to label everything as you pack. In fact, even creating a checklist and placing it on the door could save you a lot of time when you open the unit.