From Summer to Winter: Furniture Tips for the Changing Seasons

It happens too quickly: those long summer days you spent lounging on your patio in the sun suddenly start to turn into short days where pants are required, leaves are falling, and patios start appearing in the rearview mirror.

When fall is upon us, we need to start thinking about cozy comforters and days spent indoors by the fireplace. So, what to do with all your patio furniture? How do you set yourself up for a cozy life inside?

At Access Storage, we’ve looked at some of the best furniture and décor trends that will help make your winter life warmer and more comfortable, while providing some tips to how to best protect your summer furniture for their stay in self storage.

Furniture trends

When you imagine yourself inside for the winter, you want to enjoy that time in a comfortable and warm environment. The biggest trend in furniture these days is really made to accommodate such enjoyment. Big furniture, round edges, velvet fabrics, cute and comfy – these are the most desirable furniture trends of the day, and they’re all encouraging for staying indoors.

Luxe fabrics, such as velvet and fleece, are plush and warming, and have made a large impact on the design industry in the past year. These cozy fabrics are perfect for days inside from the cold.

The age of “cute” has arrived in the design world. Big furniture with round edges appears squatter and gentler than the more angular and defined edges of more traditional design. Their inviting, cute appearance is exactly the sort of furniture that encourages an afternoon spent lounging with a book as the cold winter winds blow outside.

Combine these two trends, and you’ll have one superb reading chair for a cozy winter.

Warm under the sheets

Using the right bed sheets for the season not only provides you with the right comfort for the right time of year, but can also save on your hydro bill. Sleeping under flannel sheets in the summer will have you pumping up the air conditioning to prevent you from sweating. Trying to stay warm in the winter under linen sheets will have you turning the heat up. Use the right fabric for the right season, and you’ll be more comfortable, while saving energy at the same time.

Fall is the time to start looking at the best fabric for the cold months ahead. Flannel may be the ultimate winter blanket – it’s like sleeping in a sweater. Cotton blends can work the year round, but, with a sateen weave, these silky sheets are heavier and work wonderfully for the winter. Fleece is another excellent fabric for the winter with its fuzzy, warm feel.

Your summer sheets, on the other hand, should be airy and light, and bamboo, Egyptian cotton (or prima cotton as a more economical alternative), and linen are all the correct fabrics for the summer time. Given it’s fall though, you’ll be looking to clear these out of your way for the winter, putting them into storage.

Self storage for your sheets

It is a mistake to simply pile your summer sheets into a box for self storage though. To keep your sheets from developing odors, you need to wash all your sheets before storing them for the winter. Give everything a good wash and allow them to dry out completely. Any bit of moisture can lead to mould growth if left for extended periods of time.

Where you store your bedding is also of significance. If there isn’t space in a closet for your summer sheets, then you need to look into contained self storage options. Storing sheets outside, in something like a shed or garage, will leave your sheets vulnerable to insects. Again, storing them in a cardboard box is also not advisable, as this too can attract insects. Instead, use plastic bins.

When packing your sheets away for the winter in plastic bins, fold the sheets carefully, and then pack the sheets inside a pillowcase from the same set to keep everything organized and together. Rather than using mothballs, which can smell and cause allergic reactions, try utilizing cedar boards. These will also deter insects but will give your sheets a more pleasant smell than mothballs. Always be sure the plastic bin is completely sealed to prevent dust from getting inside.

Saying good-bye to the patio

As fall arrives, we start the weary process of having to say good-bye to everyone’s favourite summer pastime: lounging on the patio. Whether your patio furniture is up to date with the current vintage trend or is lagging behind with contemporary, modern sleekness, you’ll need to store your patio furniture properly for the winter if you intend to take it back out of storage in the same condition.

Ideally, your patio furniture is stored indoors for the winter. Regardless of the material your furniture is made of, it is best to keep your furniture away from the harsh weather. A garage is an excellent space if you have the room, otherwise, a small self storage unit is an economical solution to keep your furniture protected.

Prepping your patio furniture for storage

Before putting your furniture away though, it is important to give it a good clean, as containments that remain on the furniture for extended periods can lead to rust or stains. Typically, most patio furniture can be wiped down with a damp cloth and a bit of soapy water. That said, if your furniture is made out of wood, then you may need to oil or varnish it as well. Wicker that is not water-resistant should also be waxed. Cushions should be spot cleaned with a sponge and a bit of soapy water. Ensure that everything is completely dry before putting them into storage.

Most patio furniture is made to be stacked together, and you should be employing this whenever you can to save on space in your self storage container. If the garage lacks space and self storage is beyond your budget though, then you should be covering your patio furniture to offer it some protection from water and UV light during the harsh winter weather.

As the leaves begin to fall, we all need to be set up and ready for the changing seasons. Bring out your sweaters, skates, and skis from storage, and replace them with your golf shirts, summer sheets, and patio furniture. Winter is just around the corner.

When it comes time to move your summer furniture and accessories into self storage, speak with Access Storage about reserving our courtesy move-in van to make the process smooth. And if you have any further questions about cleaning or maintaining your patio furniture or accessories, your Access Storage agent will be more than happy to help.