5 Storage Tips For Prospective College Students

Are you planning to move to a college dorm soon? 

If so, then you might already have started gathering your belongings, and other necessities you would need to move into your new place. 

If you are like some of the prospective college students, then you are probably planning to store all your miscellaneous items temporarily in a storage unit near your dorm. Check out the following tips on storage for you:

Make use of boxes

When storing different items in a storage unit, you should make use of as many boxes possible. It would be a lot easier to stack boxes up inside the unit especially if they are of the same size. Do not settle for cheap boxes that get damaged easily. Get the ones that are suitable for moving or storing. Label them so that you would know which box to open if you need something.

Deal with books properly

Probably you are already building up your own personal book collection. Make sure you pack books flat so that their spines would be protected. If you want extra protection for the spines, you can always put stiff cardboard between the books. You have to protect your books from moisture and that is why you should not put them on a concrete floor. Do not put books in boxes that already contain fragile items.

Make use of furniture spaces

Save space by making use of the spaces within your furniture. Try making use of your drawers, cabinets, and shelves which will save space in the other areas of the storage unit. 

Use safes and lockable furnishings

Do you have electronics or other very important items that require maximum security? Some examples include computers, speakers, Bluray DVD players, and expensive clothes. For this, you can always use safes. If you do not have any safe around your home, then you might want to get those desks or cabinets that have lockable drawers.

Cover your items

You would not want dust to settle on your items, do you? Cover them and they would be as clean as you left them. Plastic is a very common choice for covering items. But in some cases, plastic covers only encourage moisture. And if there is moisture, there would be mold growing on your items any time soon. Opt for fabric covers such as canvas or cotton covers. These are very affordable.

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